Gulf Industries Company

Isolation valves and actuator repair

Whether it is a gate, globe, check, ball, or butterfly valve, or a mounted AOV or MOV actuator that is in need of repair or replacement; GIC can provide the necessary equipment and technical expertise 24X7 support to you that can return your valve to its original working condition. In addition to this the workshop is fully equipped to ensure that valve repairs and overhauls are carried out to the highest of standards. Specialized tools are available throughout the workshop for a wide range of valves and actuators with the most advanced pieces of test equipment and computer software assisting the engineers daily. Our Team is well experienced to following activities.

  • Remove, overhaul, install and re-commissioning of actuator and valve with the mounted accessories and customer satisfied performance at site.
  • Documentation – the entire repair process of each valve is documented and dispatched with a detailed report.