Gulf Industries Company

Overview and Facilities

Our valve repair solution is a unique combination of highly-skilled technicians that provide on-site, emergency and scheduled repair services; scheduled or routine shop repair; as well as patented products including Trevitest™ – the benchmark in in-situ set pressure identification. With GIC’s valve repair solution, you’re able to keep your valves up and running 24/7. Sending valves off-site to a repair shop can sometimes be expensive and mean lost uptime. That is why we come to you. Our technicians come fully equipped with on-site support vehicles. We provide all critical services on-site 24/7.

We offer the following types of services based on job quantum and nature of work involved as follows.

  1. Annual rate contracts & Field Services for all types of valves reconditioning
  2. In-situ valves repairing & testing during annual turn around
  3. Shut down and emergency valves maintenance
  4. Safety valves recalibration & testing at site
  5. In-situ lapping of high pressure valves using in-situ machine in power plants
  6. In-situ flange facing and re-machining.

GIC Machining shop

GIC’s machine shop is a well-equipped general machining facility. The workshop is also equipped with heavy duty lathe, horizontal boring machine and radial drilling machine with tilt table which can be adjusted and locked continuously from 0 to 12 degree which simplify the set-ups and further helps to lower repair costs.

Flange facing facility
GIC is capable for re-machining of flanges and connectors (Full face, Raised face, Ring groove, Flange plus connections and Blind) to original specifications conforming to relevant standards such as:

  •  BS
  •  ANSI
  •  API

Portable valve testing Facility

Testing of valves and components at GIC will give you the assurance about the performance of your valve in smooth and efficient operation. Our testing technology range covers the requirements of your service/repair department of checking before and after repair, of final inspection during production or simply of incoming goods inspections. Our range comprises manual and automatic test equipment with horizontal or vertical clamping of the test specimen and facilities for using various test media. GIC is equipped with the branded EFCO PS-75 test bench for valve inspection and testing.

It is our aim to offer you the best support and service. We know what downtime means to our customers. We attempt to provide immediate support.

Lapping Shop and Portable lapping machines
Flat sealing faces guarantee perfect valve seals. Our facility is installed with two separate dust controlled room with stationary lapping machine which is capable of repair of sealing surfaces on wedges and discs.

To extend our services to the customer site with a motive to reduce the cost, we are provided with the portable lapping machine. The repair will be quick and uncomplicated with the grinding and lapping machines which can be used on site. 

Painting and Sand blasting shop
GIC is equipped with a Sand Blast room with trolley access from load out area. The blast facility uses a garnet depending on application and is capable of a Class 3 blast with 60um profile. To ensure supply is not interrupted the air supply is via two pots with independent hoses and is delivered from three compressors each with 300 CFM capacity.

After sandblasting, the complete fabricated equipment is painted in our specialised, environmentally friendly painting facility prior to packaging and dispatch. The paint area is equipped with trolley and a portable 5 ton lifting components. The paint shop is equipped with conventional and airless spray equipment. Air is supplied for painting from a stand-alone compressor.

Valve Automation shop
We are also a full service automation facility offering complete automation packages such as shut down valves (SDV), blow down valves (BDV), loose actuation, actuation hardware, or any combination based on the customer requirement. GIC is capable for all electric, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic actuators, support for assembly of all valve, actuator, monitor and positioner technologies.