Gulf Industries Company

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is our priority.
Gulf Industries Company ensures the best health and safety practices for its employers anywhere, anytime which reflects in both company performance and employees well-being. We work hard to strengthen the knowledge and skills of our team members for delivering projects with world class safety conditions. For GIC, safety is more than just a strategy. Prevention, Health and Safety are an integral part in all fundamental activities and processes of the company.

Our Safety Policy

  • Gulf Industries Company is committed to ensure that its business workplace is safe, healthful and environmentally protected. To this effect, the company follows:
  • Give priority to health, safety, & environmental considerations and integrate them into all company’s objectives.
  • Provide and maintain a safe, healthy working environment in compliance with all local regulations & legislations, together with all appropriate international standards and regulations.
  • Establish a feedback procedures, systems and encourages all personnel to participate in matters of Health, Safety and Environment and carry out regular audits, inspections and surveys of all sites and activities to ensure compliance with & adherence to these standards & conditions.
  • Investigate all unsafe acts and conditions and take all the necessary actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Enforce continuous improvement of the Safety, Health and Environmental management system.
  • Encourage personnel to be individually responsible for identifying, eliminating and reporting any workplace hazards by its appraisal and incentive programs.
  • Insure that all resources are available to achieve the HSE objectives.
  • Provide training to all levels and activities to achieve their work in safe manner.
  • Empower its personnel to STOP any work that may cause any unsafe condition at any workplace until the hazard is controlled.